Pasture research articles and papers

Here you’ll find research commissioned by the Pasture Renewal Charitable Trust as well as other agribusiness organisations.

Summary of Economic Analysis Report
The farm gate value of pasture-based products to the New Zealand economy was $10.2 billion in the June 2007 year... Read more 

Benefit Analysis: Literature Review and Modelling Outcomes (PDF)
The most up-to-date review of pasture renewal literature in New Zealand.
This report was completed by AgResearch in 2007 for the Pasture Renewal Charitable Trust – see Page 9 for the executive summary.

To determine the value of pasture renewal to a dairy farm system in the 2009-2010 Season (PDF)
Two Waikato dairy farms were modelled over the 2008-09 and 2009-10 season. They were from the same district with similar soil types and fertiliser applications. One farm had a programmed approach to pasture renewal while the other hadn’t introduced new varieties in 20 years... Read more →

Effects of integrated cropping & pasture renewal on the performance & profit of dairy farms (PDF)
Old pasture to new pasture sequences with and without forage cropping were evaluated on farms from Waikato, Taranaki, Canterbury (irrigated) and Southland using the Farmax Dairy Pro model... Read more →

Dry matter yield, pasture quality and profit on two Waikato dairy farms after pasture renewal (PDF)
From 2006-2010 measurements of pasture dry matter (DM) yield and quality were made on two Waikato dairy farms, where pasture renewal was implemented. A planned approach to pasture renewal is recommended for improved feed supply and animal production... Read more →

New grass worth billions
Pasture renewal could lift the farmgate value of dairy farm production by between six and 25 percent, says an economic study prepared for the Pasture Renewal Charitable Trust (PRCT)... Read more →

Report unearths NZ pasture riches
Sheep, beef and dairy farm-gate returns have the potential to increase by 6-27% if farmers adopted higher pasture renewal policies. That’s one of the findings from a report looking at the value of pasture to the New Zealand economy... Read more →