Technical Tips

Choose your pasture sowing dates for best results

“Pasture renewal strategies which provide high-quality feed production from spring through into late summer begin even before the seed is sown,” he said. Rob Brazendale, DairyNZ’s development team leader of productivity, agrees, said late-flowering ryegrass varieties have... Read full article ➝

Top-10 tips for pasture renewal

*Identify the paddocks that are stuffed*, where the grass is not growing to expectations. *Decide whether to go through a forage crop scenario, as this will determine the timing – whether renovation starts in spring... Read full article ➝

Pasture Persistence

The persistence of pastures is a thorny issue for many farmers, who are frustrated that after spending money and time on new pastures, they don’t last forever. It is also common for farmers to question... Read full article ➝

Managing for Pasture Productivity

Pasture production varies considerably between regions, between farms, and even within a farm. There are many reasons for this, and they can be split into three groups: The natural environment; Modifications to the environment; Pasture... Read full article ➝

Identifying paddocks for renewal

Most farm operations renew pastures every year, but how do you identify those pastures? Typically paddocks are chosen on what the pasture looks like, or a gut-feel on how that paddocks performs. There are much... Read full article ➝

Repairing pastures damaged by drought

An unavoidable consequence of drought is damage to many pastures, and the negative affect this has on future production. After a prolonged drought period, most damaged pastures will not recover to their state prior to... Read full article ➝