The Trust was established in 2007 by a small group of agribusinesses who realised that collaborating to increase the level and rate of pasture renewal would benefit the whole sector, as well as the economy. Our sole focus is encouraging farmers to renew more pasture, and we do this through research, communication and advocacy.

In 2017 it was considered by the management team that the trust had achieved its goal of raise the level of importance of pasture renewal and that the message was now being conveyed by many other industry stakeholders. As a result a decision was made to wind up the trust.

Our work includes

Research projects to define pasture renewal baselines on beef and sheep, deer, dairy and cropping properties
Liaising with government to ensure the significance of pasture renewal is recognised at policy level
Market research direct with farmers
Literature reviews
Communications campaigns

Going for 10%

We are working towards a national target of 10% annual pasture renewal across New Zealand’s pastoral farms, based on analysis by BERL Economics. At this level the productivity and performance gains from new pasture species don’t tail off over a 10-year cycle. While this target won’t be appropriate for all farms, it’s a good guide for encouraging more pasture renewal across the sector.

Thanks to our advocacy work at government level, a question on pasture renewal is now included in the five-yearly agricultural census, ensuring progress towards the 10% target can be accurately measured.

Our management team

The Trust’s activities were overseen by:

  • Geoff Ridley Chairman & Research Manager, Beef + Lamb NZ
  • Ants Roberts Deputy Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer, Ravensdown Fertiliser Co-operative
  • Murray Willocks Chief Executive of NZ Agriseeds Ltd
  • John Caradus Chief Executive Officer of Grasslanz Technology
  • Tony Leggett Publisher,New Zealand Farm Life Media
  • Nicola Smith Marketing Manager Nufarm
  • Cameron Ludemann, Forage Value Manager Dairy NZ
  • Tim Wood Trust Project Manager